Privacy policy

1. What is this notice about?

During the operation of the registration and unified data management software available at ("myAccount" or "system") EcoSim Business Simulations Ltd. ("EcoSim" or "Operator") handles personal data. Respecting the rights of data subjects, and in compliance with its legal obligation, the operator describes the most important features of its data management activities in this notice.

This notice is valid from 2018.04.10.

The operator is entitled to modify this Data Privacy Notice by notifying users in advance. The amended provisions will become effective the first time you use the system after receiving the notification and it being posted on the Website.

This statement complies with the principles and provisions of the GDPR.

2. What is personal data, what is a data controller and a data processor?

What is considered to be personal data?  Any information about an identified or identifiable natural person - e.g. the name, email address, student code, IP address of the person concerned.

Who is considered to be a data controller?  Who alone or together with others determines the purpose and means of data management.

What does data management mean?  Regardless of the method used, it is any operation or set of operations which is performed on the data (in particular collecting, recording, organization, storing, altering, using, retrieving, transmitting, disclosing, coordinating or combining, blocking, deleting or destroying, as well as preventing further use of the data, etc.).

Who is considered to be a data processor? Who handles personal data on behalf of the data controller (which usually means technical operations such as storage).

3. Who is the data controller of the personal data provided during the use of the system?

The myAccount system data controller:

EcoSim Business Simulations Ltd.

Seat: 1094 Budapest, Páva utca 13. 5. / 1.

Company Registry number: 01-09-714023


data management registration number: NAIH-65429/2013., NAIH-65428/2013.

Within the myAccount system, it is possible to register for competitions, in respect of which the companies, organizations and educational institutions that announce it are also considered data controllers. These data controllers are represented within the system by EcoSim.

4. How can I register, take part in a competition / event?

To use the system is for free. The registration process begins with the completion of the registration form with valid data in a complete and proper manner  We will then send an activation link to the email address you provided during the registration process, which must be clicked within 72 hours of receiving the email to confirm your registration.

You can join the competitions in the system by pressing the sign-up button and by enabling the data management information and newsletter for the competition.

Additional personal information may be required when joining certain competitions and will be notified. You can join after entering this missing information.

5. What information do I need to provide to register?

Registration requires that you provide your last name, first name, email address and password. You cannot attend competition / event without providing this information. This data is needed for identification in the system so that you can use it. Your name and email address are also required because of identification.

The system does not know your password, it encrypts it and only keeps an imprint of it, from which the password cannot be reset, so the system is only suitable for verifying the correctness of the password. Therefore, noone can learn your password from us. Please make sure that unauthorized people don't get know your password.

The system logs the IP address you register from and deletes this information after 10 days.

In the Profile menu you can also enter further datas (section 6)

We will process your profile data on the basis of your voluntary consent until your registration is canceled, which you can read about in section 9.

6. What information do I need to provide to participation in the competition / event?

The following information is not required, depending on the competitions and the application type, the system will inform you which information is required to accept the application.

The following is a list of all the information you can provide (but when you apply, please provide only what is absolutely necessary, pay attention to the feedback from the system) and why we may need it.

The list goes through the menu items on the Profile page.


  • Last name (for identification)
  • First name (for identification)
  • e-mail address (for identification and providing information)
  • address (for identification and providing information)
  • mobile phone number (it might be necessary to get in touch during the competition or programme)
  • post code (for identification)
  • date of birth (determining age – participants must be over 16 years old)


  • secondary school (institution, date of graduation, for career purposes)
  • higher education (institution, major, date of graduation, for career purposes)
  • student organization (in certain programs and events there may be a separate league competition of student organizations)

Foreign languages

  • language and level of knowledge (for career purposes)

IT knowledge

  • IT skills and level of knowledge (for career purposes)

Work experience 

  • Previous and current workplaces (company name, position, level of position, industry, duration, for career purposes)
  • Career goals (region, start date, for career purposes)

7. Teams

At certain events and programs, you will need to form a team with your mates. You can do this on the subpage of that competition. Whichever team member creates the team first, he/she will be the team captain (he/she has the right to change the team name and invite more team members to the team).

When adding a new team member, the e-mail address of the prospective team member must be entered, to which e-mail will be automatically sent to the system and the user will be informed about further actions. If the invitation is not accepted, it will be canceled after 7 days [COMING SOON].

Team members see personal information about each other: full name and email address.

The different teams do not see any personal information about each other, only the team names and the name of the institution that the team represents.

8. What is an invitation?

An invitation is needed to make it easier for you to find the competition / event that your fellow student / team member would like you to attend. Upon invitation, the team captain will record in the system that he / she wants you to join his / her team by entering your email address. After registration, you will find your invitation on the subpage of the given competition after joining. You can easily join the team by clicking on the link in the invitation.

Prior to your registration, the system records your email address in the team captain's profile so that the team can be easily formed which serves the legitimate interest of the operator by acquainting the team captain and ultimately making the system more user-friendly.

9. When using the system, who sees and what of my personal data?

Team captains and team members organizing into the team can see each other’s full names and email addresses.

Teams cannot view or see each other's personal information, they only see the team names of the other teams.

The system is maintained and administered by EcoSim staff, who can see personal data for easier identification, but cannot make any copies or print screen.

10. How can I change my registration information?

You can change your data in the Profile menu.

11. How can I cancel my registration?

If you want to cancel your registration, write an email to or log in and request to cancel your registration in the Profile menu. [COMING SOON]. You will then receive an email from us giving you the option to withdraw the cancellation initiative within 72 hours. If you do not withdraw it, your registration will be canceled after 72 hours. Before terminating your account, be sure to save the results you have achieved, the information that is important to you.

You can also decide to request the cancellation of your registration in the case of an ongoing Competition / Event. In this case, a robot user will take your place, keeping your results achieved until this.

You might not use the system every year during your studies / work, so we will temporarily maintain your registration. However, after 2 years inactivity from the last entry, we will delete your data. You can re-register at any time, we look forward to hearing from you.

In case of the cancellation of your registration, our business partner hosting the competition / event can further process your data as a data controller in its own right, for which Ecosim provides storage in the system due to a contractual obligation. It is in Ecosim's legitimate business interest to meet its storage hosting obligations to business partners. In the case of educational institutions, this information is essential for the grading and its certification, so it is in the legitimate interest of our partner to store it. Therefore, during the validity period of the contract with the business partner - or if the business partner deletes it earlier, until deletion - the results of the already completed business simulations will be stored including data about the participants in the given business simulation course (name, email address, student code, result, uploaded user content). In our consideration of interests, we have taken into account that only information that you have previously consented to the handling of remains in the system during storage, they remain in a suitable data security environment, they are only available to the company or organization organizing the simulation course, their disclosure should not result in your derogatory judgment.

If by cancelling your registration you want to delete data made available during business simulations, competition, event other than your user account, please contact the company, institution or organizer organizing the competition / event as a data controller via the Teacher / Trainer user or other direct contacts of our business partner. If you find us with your request, we will forward the request to our business partner. If our business partner cannot provide a legal basis for the further processing of your data, we will also delete this data from the system.

Attention!!! After deleting personal data, we cannot prove that you participated in a specific program and event, and the results, points and achievements that can be linked to you may also be deleted, so it is not possible to restore them later!

12. What data does the operator store about me?

The operator shall store the data listed in section 5 and 6 (provided by the user) and the data mentioned in section 7 and 8.

In addition, various derived data are formed in the given competitions and programs, such as the achieved result, points, rankings, decisions. This data, although considered an intellectual property of the user, is generally available to the user and the operator and does not constitute personal data.

13. What is a newsletter?

When registering or applying for competitions and programs, you must give your contribution to send a newsletter, which we will send at irregular intervals; information, brochures, important news about the sponsor and business partner necessary for the implementation of the programs. You can unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time.

Newsletters can only be sent to you by the operator, your email address will not be passed on to third parties for marketing or job advertising purposes.

How can I subscribe to the newsletters?

During the registration process you can subscribe by checking the empty check-box. You do not need to confirm the subscription.

We will use your name and email address to send the newsletter due to the obligation prescribed in the Advertising Act (Grt.6.§).

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletters?

You can unsubscribe from the general and the career newsletters via the link at the bottom of the newsletter or in your profile [COMING SOON]. You do not have to confirm the unsubscription. Unsubscribing doesn't affect system usage and the lawfulness of any previous data processing.

14. What data does the myAccount log and why?

In order to debug, prevent abuse and check the operation of the system, we continuously log and after 10 days delete the following data: IP address, date, time, browser, operating system data, which sub-pages you visit, where you came from.

15. How does EcoSim protect my data? What data security steps does it take?

We take all necessary steps to the best of our ability to ensure the security of the personal data provided and detected during network communication, data storage and preservation.

We are constantly developing our IT system and network in order to maintain and further strengthen data security and protect the system from possible attacks. We try to protect your data with automatic data backup (to a separate server), mirroring, firewall and intrusion monitoring, our server works with an active and passive protection system. We use secure SSL access to prevent unauthorized access. 

The personal data stored in the system is stored on a dedicated server installed in the territory of the Republic of Hungary, protected by a 24-hour guard at the data processor operating the system. EcoSim uses a hosting provider (data processor) to store your personal data, which uses CXS web FTP hacker protection and a virus filter to protect your data:

AB PLUSZ Számítástechnikai és Szolgáltató Betéti Társaság

Seat: 2049 Diósd, IV. Béla király utca 48.

Company Registry Number: 13-06-068037

16. What is a cookie? What cookies are installed when using the system?

What is a cookie?

The myAccount system can be used by enabling cookies placed by the operator.

A "cookie" is a small data packet that collects or stores information defined by the server, thus facilitating the operation of the website and the user's system use. Several types of cookies can be installed on your machine when using the system. We only use secure cookies that work over an SSL connection. We need cookies in order to increase the efficiency of the service, to analyze the visits and use of the system.

To facilitate the use of the system, we use a cookie for a "session". If you log in, close the page and then return to the page, you will find yourself logged in again. The session cookie does not store personal information for this.

The permanently placed browser cookie is stored on the hard disk of the device and remains even after the Internet browser is closed until the cookie is deleted manually or until the expiration of the cookie period specified below. Browser cookies can be deleted from the device at any time, and you can refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate browser settings. However, if you disable the EcoSim cookies we place, you will not be able to use the business simulation system to its full potential. For each browser (Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and end-user device (if you use more than one machine, you can delete or disable cookies one by one. You can find a detailed description of the cookie settings on the following pages:

Internet Explorer:

Firefox: <> 


Safari: <> 

The following table lists the cookies provided by the operator.

Cookie nameCookie purposeData stored by cookiesCookie lifetime
PHPSESSIDidentification of the userhash30 minutes
ecoCookieAgreeaccept cookie warning11 week
ecoLanguageuser languagehu, en, etc.1 week
ecoMyAccountSIDidentification of the userhash1 week

What other third-party cookies can still be installed on my device?

We use external web analytics companies (Google Inc., Facebook Inc.) to measure website traffic and other web analytics data, as well as to increase the effectiveness of Ecosim’s advertising activities. These companies operate independently from the operator providing these services:

Google Analytics (,

Google Ads (,

Facebook Pixel (

Google Inc. uses cookies or similar technologies to identify your browser or device in order to collect and store information. To learn more about what Google Inc. collects, how, and how long your data is used in Google Analytics and Google Adws, read the Google Privacy Policy:

You can find out more about Facebook Inc.'s Facebook Pixel data management and cookie usage at:

These so-called third-party cookies are downloaded by your browser from Google's or Facebook's domain, not from the operator's (sub)domain. With these cookies, Google and Facebook can even track your use of the web, identify you on other websites, and even make ads based on your interests available to you on other websites. Disabling or deleting cookies placed by these external service providers does not affect the usability of the business simulation system.

17. How do I access my user data and content (data portability)?

You can save the user content and data uploaded to the system to your own computer as long as the data management is alive or until you delete or we delete them.

18. Who can I contact with my privacy question, request, complaint?

You can request information about EcoSim's data management at any time. Write to us from your registration email address to We will respond via email within a maximum of 1 month.

You can request information about the data management we carry out concerning you, in connection with which we will inform you within 1 month at the latest.

  1. the purposes of data management;
  2. the categories of personal data stored;
  3. the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be communicated;
  4. the intended period of storage of the personal data or the criteria for determining that period;
  5. about your rights as a data subject;
  6. the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection supervisory authority;
  7. if you did not provide the information, all available information about their source;
  8. whether we make automated decision-making or not, and if so, what the logic is, what the significance of such data management is, and what the expected consequences are for you.

In an email from your registration email address, you can request that we restrict your data management if any of the following are true:

  1. you dispute the accuracy of your personal information (in this case, the restriction applies to the period of time that allows us to verify the accuracy of your personal information);
  2. in your opinion, the data processing is illegal and instead of deleting it, you ask to restrict its use;
  3. we no longer need the data, we would delete it, but you are asking for it to make, enforce or defend legal claims.

In case of an alleged violation of the law related to the processing of your personal data, write us an e-mail to Your complaint will be investigated within 1 month at the latest.

If you have any questions about a business simulation, please contact the Teacher in charge of the simulation, who will also help you find your way in using the system; you can inquire about programs and events, at the e-mail addresses in the contact menu on the website advertising the given program.

If, in your opinion, we have violated the provisions of a data protection law, you should first contact us at

You can file a lawsuit with the competent court (Fővárosi Törvényszék or the court competent according to your place of residence) or initiate an investigation with the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NAIH) (1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.,, +36-1-3911400, president: dr. Péterfalvi Attila,