NIBS International Business Simulation Competition 2021

Step into the shoes of a CEO!

NIBS International Business Simulation Competition 2021

Apply to NIBS International Business Simulation Competition and run your virtul tech company!

Are you up for a virtual challenge? Do you have an affinity for business? If you do, this 3-round online competition with the EcoSim business simulation is for you!

Enter the competition with your friends and be the best one in the regional qualification, defeat your competitors in the semi-finals and reach the online finals. You and your team must manage a company successfully that manufactures and sells smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

The competition is open to anyone (students, graduates, professionals), although economic or business backgrounds might be advantageous. Participation is subject to registration and a registration fee!


  • Registration and application fee deadline – 8th November
  • Online Test Round – 9th - 11th November
  • Online Regional Qualifier Round – 12th - 25th November
  • Online Semi-final Round – 30th November
  • Online Final Round – 9th December

Who can apply?

University/College students, graduates or even seniors can form a team of 2 - 4 members and join the competition from all over the world. A business background might be an advantage, but players from any other backgrounds are welcome.

  • Registration fee for NIBS member school students: 80 EURO/team
  • Registration fee for non-NIBS teams: 120 EURO/team

Please note, that only one person (team leader) from the team has to proceed the payment here! Further information about the payment process is on the website!

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